the side door

Daily Nugget #187

the side door


go thru it much?

<not just for hippies. ha!>


do you always choose the front?

the same direction

the same perspective

time and time and time again.


when we view our life from the

<front side only>

we miss out on the view from the side

the back

the up

the down.


it all looks the same

if we are always looking at it the same way.

what if

we decided to use the side door?


it offered a new perspective

on a shiny platter

of goodness

piled high with possibility.

<juicy McJuicer-ton!>


our lens

our beautifully flawed

created by our beliefs

lens that we see thru

is only ONE lens.

one possibility.

one perspective.

there are many.


so many

in fact


we could change them every second

for the rest of our days


never use all of them.


THAT’S how many possibilities there are

THAT’S how many perspectives are served up

waiting for us to enjoy them

slowly consuming their sweet <or sour>ness

allowing the juices


even MORE possibility

to drip down our chin

and land on our nicely laundered and pressed

white something or another

leaving a BIG old stain.

a stain that cannot be undone.



the side door.

the head stand.

the snow globe.

the handful of dice

tossed from a hopeful hand


or NOT

the roll of a lifetime……


looking for a new lens?

ask someone.

don’t just ask someone

who shares your lens

ask someone with a different lens.

do you know anyone like that?

if not

it’s time for some new people in your life 😀


ah perspective.

oh the side door!

peek around the corner from your current vantage point.

you will see that many things that appear to be connected

actually HAVE NO CONNECTION at all!!!

holy moly, perspective

you have rocked my world once again.


serve it up!

receive it.

put on your new lens

use the side door


watch your world go from one layer

to infinite layers


when your world

<and your perspective>

has infinite layers

yep, you guessed it

YOU become the infinite BEing that you truly ARE.

pow! how’s that for perspective?



my fingers are smoking!

sometimes confusion

is the path to clarity…..

hey, that's an interesting side door. hello perspective!

hey, that’s an interesting side door. hello perspective!





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