the shift

Daily Nugget #126

the shift.


i noticed

the other day

a shift

in me

in my reaction

in my experience.


i was getting stuck in the rut of a pattern


i was able to turn my wheels enough

to pop out.


my pattern was:

getting caught up in the what ifs.

i knew there weren’t any.

so i wondered why i was there.


i use the ruts in the road analogy often.

if you don’t pay close attention

you slide IN to them.

in to the old patterns that can pop up.


riding on the up side of the rut

eventually levels out the road

smooths it out

so the ruts are a distant past.


imagine you were going on a trip


you started worrying about how you were going to make it happen.


worrying about how you are going to ‘make’ it happen

will surely not allow for the happening.



my rut was similar to this.

i was about to embark on something i often do

but the rut sucked me in

out of nowhere


all of a sudden i was in worry mode.

‘omg. what if it doesn’t work out?!’

it always does.

that’s when i looked at that rut and said

‘excuse me. where did you come from? and can you please leave now.’


i smoothed the rut by shifting my gaze ahead on the road.

i saw myself going where i want to go.

doing all the fun things i planned on doing.

THAT is was smooths the ruts.

stressing and worrying just deepens them.


when you find yourself getting tangled in the what if’s

shift your gaze ahead to where you are going.

like how

when you are walking on a log or a beam

you look at end of the log

where you are going

not down at your feet

where you are.


this is still being in the NOW.

the rut


is pulling you in to your past.

shift your focus

to where you are going.


let go of the what ifs


trust the road ahead.

look out ahead, not at your feet. the ruts are a-shifting and that sure is sweet!

look out ahead, not at your feet. the ruts are a-shifting and that sure is sweet!






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