the shift

the earth

she has shifted

a tilt

that feels new.


from the top to the bottom

there is no more glue

or maybe the glue

is UN

this time around.


the littles will rush in

the flying ones

the scurrying ones

they may seem to take over.


and many 4 leggeds

will appear in new places.


there will be those lost

in EVERY form they come in.


there will be some found




we will marvel when!


we will marvel at the magnitude

of change


and newness.

of shine

from ALL places.


the fear-filled may split off


forge their own pathway

as the trusting choose to move

on the Love highway.


there will be some things

that will hurt to let go of

but imagine how it will feel in



this is a magical time

if you choose it to be so.

you can choose to say yes

to say no


i hear you.


you will hear

with greater depth

to the core of what’s happening.


your heart

will speak louder

not letting you ignore it.


this is a great time

to go ALL IN when you FEEL IT.

shine your light bright

we ALL need it.


when we shine our bright light-ness

out INto the ALLness

all others who chose light

will shine INto the ONENESS.


humans, dear human

rise up

we are cheering!

it’s time to now listen to what your heart has been hearing.


look INto the eyes of your life 🙂

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