the scab

Daily Nugget #203

the scab


i’m feeling my darker side coming thru lately

in my life

in my Nuggets.


spending endless hours in bed

feeling like shit

having a Dexter marathon

will do that to a person.


are you a scab ripper?

never allowing the dang thing to just fall off on its own.

un-able to resist the URGE to pick.

ahhh, the feeling of flaking off your own crusty skin.


us humans are weird.


what about the scab that gets ripped off

of a wound that is actively healing

<or not>


the scab that covers our hurts

our traumas.

our stuff we keep hidden.

so we think…


sometimes life rips the scab off for us.

<life can have a dark sense of humor too>

ever have it yank that scab off

in a place you wish it hadn’t?


why do you want it to stay?

like that loose tooth that dangles

in the mouth of a 6 year old

way beyond its yankin’ time.


there is something comfy about that covering

that keeps our insides from oozing out.

something comfy and ‘safe’

in knowing there is a bit of armor

between us and ‘them’.


life just pulled a big scab from my inners.

it threw me in to such a state of shock

that i felt like i had fallen

in to a black hole.

i seem to be falling....

i seem to be falling….


the skin underneath was a bit sensitive.

everything hurts.

why is it so bright?

why do my eyes hurt?

‘because you’ve never used them.’  <thanks Morpheus.



we have choice.


the red or the blue pill.

to pick or not to pick.


we can choose to pick our own scabs

<most of them anyways>


life can rip them off.

and really

it only does

when we are ready for it.

sometimes you gotta give the little fledglings a push.


what’s under

is a new perspective.



a New Everything

if we Allow it.


there’s that Allow word again.



to pick or not to pick.


sometimes i pick’m.

they can be soooo irresistible.


i feel like life pushes me out of my warm nest.

‘you got this,’ i hear

as i am falling to my next adventure.

you got this.


i guess i do.

or else

i wouldn’t have been pushed…..

damn. i hope i'm ready.

damn. i hope i’m ready.






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