the rose & the butterfly

Daily Nugget #146

the rose & the butterfly


i took a deep breath in


the rose fills me.

it came in thru the front

saturated all of me


exited out the back.

what a scent...

what a scent…


again it happened.

and again and again.


the air is full of many things.

what will you add?


will you add your thoughts of worry

of pain

of regret


will you add your love of nature

your gratitude for this day

your smile. your joy. your song?


a butterfly crossed my path

mingled with my essence

landed and took flight.

soft and free.


a bird announced my arrival.

i did not know her name

but she seemed to know mine.


‘i can see you now’

a friend says.

my essence

my light

shining forth

hidden no more.


what am i adding to the air

to the song

to the flight?


i reach in and grab of pinch of light


sprinkle it on the bee that died on my windowsill.

i pick flowers to offer the beings that reside in my garden.

i go thru the closet of my life


release everything that doesn’t fit me anymore.

doesn’t fit my body

doesn’t fit my spirit.


not now

not anymore.

i release it.


i emerge from my cocoon


take flight in to my newness.

i sing my song as i fly from tree to tree.

i fill others with the scent of my joy


allow it to wash thru them.


i am the rose.

i am the butterfly.

i am the bird.

i am me.

it's time to fly!

it’s time to fly!



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  1. Such lovely words Dee Elle! Love and blessings on your new adventures, thanks for sharing your light and flying high!

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