the label

Daily Nugget #205

the label


what role do YOU play?


do you play many?

do those roles

then slap a label on you?

massage therapist. tea lady. activist. skier. artist. town council member. vet. grocer. librarian. dancer.


i make a conscious effort to NOT slap on a label

when i am introducing or talking about someone.

<it can be challenging>


‘hey, this is so and so. she’s a <dot dot dot>’

we all do it.

define ourselves and others by our Roles. our Labels.

fuck roles. fuck labels.

they can be so limiting.

the label of your role


your many roles.


why can’t we just be people.

why do we feel we need to describe ourselves

or others

by what we ‘do’.


can we even break free from that habit?

can we even begin to identify ourselves

and others

by who we are

not by what we do?


this allows more space

for us to grow.


when placed in a labeled box

we find ourselves trapped

because that’s how others see

and define us.


i have been in a labeled box for many years


i broke free.

thank goodness.

when you ‘do’ something for so long

others just assume that is who you are


that’s ALL that you are.

we are so much more than what we ‘do’.

we are all multi-talented.

maybe if we expand our idea of who we are


who others are

it will allow for us ALL

to BE our fullest.



make a list of qualities that YOU have

that don’t explain what you ‘do’.

happy. funny. reliable. loving. honest.

this gives you more room to be who you are.


practice using qualities to explain or introduce others

without using words that explain what they ‘do’.

not super easy

tho well worth it

for all of us.


let’s practice removing our boxes

our labels

and Allow ourselves

and others

to fully fly to our greatest potential.

don’t be responsible for trapping anyone. ever.

encourage flight. exploration. growth.

we are never the same person we were…….

lift out of roles and labels and fly to new heights in your life!!!

lift out of roles and labels and fly to new heights in your life!!!





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