the return of the She

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #36

the return of the She


Once upon a time

the She ruled the lands.

She ruled with grace

with integrity

with respect

with Love.

the She ruled for many moons


thru many changes.


one day

the He asked a question.

‘the She,’ he asked

I would like to rule the lands.

I see much potential, many things that could be improved, a better land I can create.’


the She raised a knowing eyebrow


grew a loving smile.


the She denied him at first

but the He persisted.

the He had BIG plans.

big plans indeed.


after much consideration

the She decided to step aside


allow the He to take the reigns.


the She knew what this would mean

for all She kind.

the She knew the sacrifice would be BIG

for ALL that is

andĀ still

the She decided to Trust.


the He took the power and ran

making BIG changes

big changes indeed.


the power of the She was forgotten

respect was lost

even Love waned.


tho the He discovered the love of power.

this discovered power did NOT benefit the All

only the few.

the love of power caused the He to take and take.

the love of power caused the He to deplete.


the love of power brought DISease




the He had forgotten the original plans

the He had forgotten true Power


the Power of Love.


the rise of the She.


it came time for the She to re-claim the throne

to restore the respect

to regenerate the land

to bring back the flow of the Love.


the rise of the She.


the She began to rise


the He resisted.

the He fought back

got angry

threw bombs

made threats

told lies

spread fear.


the rise of the She.


and the She

kept rising.

Her timeĀ is met with much resistance.

the rise of the She

brings on the true fury of the He.


the He cannot reign in anger

with fear

without Love.

all will be depleted.

the She knows this.


the rise of the She.


the rise of the She is happening in our now.

the rise of the She will draw out the darkest of dark.

but in the end

the She will regain the throne.

the She will restore the land.


the She rules with true power


the Power of Love.


the She






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