The Rescue~

The Rescue~

Verb- to save (someone) from a dangerous or distressing situation.


It all started a few years ago at the post office……

a woman was mailing a package and she had a BEAUTIFUL border collie at her side.


the body language of the dog caught my attention…

so I tuned in to what the woman was talking about.


she was going on and on and on and on and on and on

about how she rescued this dog-

how terrible the situation had been


what her dog had endured.


the whole time

i noticed the dogs’ head dip lower and lower


as her energy sunk lower and lower

at each mention of her past.


she (the dog) caught me looking at her & returned the gaze.

i could have sworn she said, ‘would you tell this lady to shut the fuck up?!’


as much as I wanted to say something to the woman, i didn’t


i still feel the impact of my LACK of words.


i don’t do that anymore.



yes it’s wonderful that you have ‘rescued’ an animal


we are emphasizing the rescue FAR TOO MUCH.


the animals don’t want to dwell in the past like we do.

they are now somewhere totally different!!!


they live in the now!


your continual dwelling in what was

is NOT doing ANYONE any good…… yourself included.


so be pumped that you have a new family member.

be sensitive to the patterns and behaviors that may have been learned

to literally- SAVE THEIR LIFE- in the PAST


be patient & gentle with the healing that needs to occur


the adjustments that WILL happen as your new companion acclimates to his/her new life.

make sure they feel safe and loved


do NOT scold them for behaving in ways that they have learned before they came to you.


IN time and WITH patience and practice, they WILL learn (or unlearn) 🙂


the best way to change behavior is to reflect upon


be willing to change your OWN.


if we are over focused on the behavior of our animals

without considering that we, too could use a bit of an adjustment

it presents to them that you are not ‘in this’ together.


when we work on ourselves

the work is reflected in and thru our animals.


if there is something that we want THEM to change

perhaps commit to something that YOU are willing to change.


do NOT ask of them what you are unwilling to do yourself.

the trust and love will grow much deeper if you commit to yourself

as much as you commit to them <3


***thank you to our animal friends- who faithfully stand by our sides and offer love- acceptance and joy!!! xoxo!





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