The REorganization of Things


ALL the things

are BEing REorganized.

do you feel it?!


supplies. shipping. closures.


sometimes Total Fucking Chaos.


we are so used to getting what we want

with a click.

amazing what we currently CAN’T.


not only do we see/feel this happening in our outer world

it is too happening in the inners.

perhaps THAT’s what actually came first?

& NOW we are seeing it all reflected back TO us.

GO US!!!



we could say that there is an outer ’cause’

but what IF

the cause truly came from our inners?

the virus of awakening

that is moving thru ourselves


our consciousnesses



SO much confusion

cuz we have, to ourselves, not been true.

SO much fear- cuz OMG the inner earth quake DISlodged all the boulders of:

the UnWillingToLookAt-ables!


and the judgment.

holy fuck, people.


we MUST stop judging ourselves.

We ARE enough.

we are always doing are best.

Acceptance is Potent.


there is always more to:

do. be. have.



Accepting what IS. truly.

carries with it~



(accepting what IS does NOT mean- giving up! & that may be a whole other blog ramble. ha!)


When you/me/we have FULLY REorganized

and are ready to -BE-

consider these things:

~if you feel some feels about others- Check YOself.

the outer world is only showing you who you really are.


~learn to honor the choices that others make for THEMselves.


Love is inclusive.

Love is Accepting.

Love softens and opens.

Practice More LOVE.


~recognize AND honor that every one of us is experiencing a different version of reality

based on our thoughts and beliefs. what we think and belief is what we WILL experience. fur realz. 


what others think and believe is what THEY will experience.

NONE of us are thinking and believing the same things.

therefore, we are ALL experiencing our own -by design- version of life/reality.


we cannot expect others to agree with OUR version, cuz it is ours.


we can learn to honor and respect THEIR version.


this is LOUDER than it has ever been.

we are ALL unique.

that is what’s So FUCKING cool about life on earth.

(one of the MANY things. ha!)


Life is a practice- if you wanna truly ROCK it.

Love is a practice- and we all need more of it.

Acceptance- feels really good, when it’s authentic.

Are You Willing To REorganize?


REorganize & Love More <3










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