the practice

Daily Nugget #100

the practice


my son asked me the other day

what i would write about in Nugget #100?!

‘Nugget #100!’ he said, ‘SO cool!’

SO cool indeed


a total product of my ‘practice’.


practice really is necessary to get good at anything.


some of us have natural abilities

but even then

practice just fine tunes and enhances what we can naturally do.


i look at my life


my work.

i have been blending herbs for 10+ years


when i compare the teas of then to now

i can tell that the practice has served me well.


of course they are ALL yummy

but since my beginning

i have learned to trust more

[that took practice]

i have worked with hundreds of people doing customs

[that took practice]

i can now call on the creative flow

in any moment

[which DEFINITELY took LOTS of practice].

all of this practice has resulted in:

1. fantastically creative herbal combos that have totally blown my mind! and totally served the people!

2. deeper results from my one on ones.

3. SO many channeled calls/Nuggets/classes and beyond that gave (& continue to give) us powerful tools for transformation.


all with practice, deeper trust in my inner resources




commitment to bring thru a tea each new moon (training to be free class/tea o the month club)

commitment to write every tues and friday (yay for Nuggets!)

a commitment to trusting what i hear and feel from within (yay on so many levels!)

a commitment to being who i am in this life


expressing it completely (ah. this is the real deal. the goal of every light within)


a friend told me yesterday that her meditation teacher once said:

‘if the people here (meaning JH WY) meditated as much as they skied, they’d be really good meditators.’

true dat.

if you know anything about where i live,

we are a people of recreating in nature

in BIG nature.


aren’t our inner natures just as big?


ah, what a playground of adventures we will find.


i can finally apply the practice of practice to all aspects of my life


i understand it


see its absolute necessity


we are to:

1. get better at anything


2. make any real & lasting changes within and in our lives


i, thru experience, now FULLY finally understand that

i can’t just go to one cool workshop or class


expect my life to be different.

of course we can be altered by these experiences!!

but we ALSO need to take what we learned and expand it in to our life

in all directions.

practice. practice. practice.


when something is trained to go one way for a LONG time

yes of course it can change paths


it takes practice


constant attention

to break the pattern


instill anew.


the cells are SO on auto pilot

that it takes direct, clear and constant orders

from their captain (YOU)

for them to course correct.


i throw a LOT of tools out there for you to practice

and support change in your life and being-ness.

take one or 2 or 3 of those tools and USE THEM.

practice them daily





use belief correction statements.

for example: i am the light. or i am abundance. i am love.


‘i fully and completely accept and love who i am, all of the choices i have made and where i am in this moment’

we MUST start loving and accepting ourselves. forgiving ourselves and start from here. from the now.


oh people!!

do your practice.

every day!!

courageously invite change in to your life!

use the tools!

bring them in to your day.


if you truly seek change,

you will find it.


have a fantastic, joy filled day!



if you want some help

check these out:


anyone can do anything with a little practice!

anyone can do anything with a little practice




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