the peak of sucky-ness

Daily Nugget #217

the peak of sucky-ness


this rides on the same wave as Nugget #216: you again.

it refers to the place that we find ourselves

when we are moving thru our ‘stuff’


we reach the pinnacle of its essence.

the high point

even tho

it feels like the low point.


we may not be able to see IN to clarity yet

but we may be high enough to see above

the density of process. 


something feels easier

even tho we may still be IN it.


the peak of suckiness

is a great place to get to

because the road from here

<at least>

is clearer.


our ‘stuff’

seen from a new and different perspective

seems more do-able. move thru-able.


not so freaking crippling or crushing.



and not just a normal damn,

it’s a

is it friday yet?

is it friday yet?



what would the world be without humor.

in my day of peak sucky-ness

i had a fab stretch of giggles.

i think that’s when the energy shifted

-turned left @ Albuquerque-


who’da thought?

all it takes is a few giggles

to get the energy flowin’

in a new way.


not only did my sucky-ness shift

i saw IN to the clarity i had been lacking.

feeling stuck in suck-ville.


i made it thru.

new perspective.

ideas. inspiration.

a breath of fresh air

after a long airport adventure….


yay for the peak of suck!
yay for what i see from up here!

yay for remembering to turn left at Albuquerque!

yay for the me i am becoming!

yay for humor and the giggles!


yay for yay!!



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