the name of things

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #42

the name of things


i tend to do most things a bit differently than the masses.



i love when one such thing is brought to my attention.


‘i can’t wait to get a dog and name him something cool!’ he said.

‘hmmm,’ she said. ‘naming is about listening, not thinking.


everything has a name

if you can get quiet enough to listen.

as a lover of the fantasy and sci/fi genre

there have been many a tale describing

the power of knowing the true name of someone/something.


some give their name freely.

others whisper it quietly

only to be heard

by the trusted keepers among us.


everything has a name

if you are willing to truly listen.

some pets, for instance,

are really clear about WHAT THEIR NAME IS!

others could give a shit what you call them.

their truest name cannot be formed on any human tongue.


everything has a name

if you are willing to listen deeply.

like fur realz deeply

deeper than ‘normal’ hearing.

this is listening BEYOND hearing.



this not only applies to hearing names

it applies to hearing:

the truth

the path

the way most in alignment

the message.

the way thru.

the answer.


all of the so called ‘hidden-from-us’ things

are not really hidden.

they are available In Plain Sight

to the listeners.


everything has a name

if you are willing to listen.

every question has an answer

every experience has a meaning.


how are your listening skillz?


do your opinions


your beliefs

create a barricade

of density

so that NOTHING

from the outside

-which is really the inside-

can fully reach you?


are you so set in the loudness of your perspective

that the magic of deep listening








everything is accessible

it’s all right here

waiting for you to upgrade your life lens


truly SEE.

suns? moons? planets? day? night? is this Star Wars?






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