The Myth of Love & Pain

Daily Nugget #180

The Myth of Love & Pain


Love & Pain

they seem to go together.

in fact

we often assume

that they are a team.


we keep our hearts closed tightly

in fear of the pain

denying ourselves the love that we NEED

need like air

like water

because we are afraid that Love

will bring its tag along> Pain.


i see this in many people

who have endured great pain

pain that they thought came

because they loved.


we blame the pain on Love.

damn you, Love

if it wasn’t for you

i’d be fine.


just because Pain appeared to come along with Love

doesn’t mean it was caused by it.

what if

we instead

started believing

that the 2 have no connection



in fact



if you could shift your belief

your perspective

to one of>

Love. Pain. no connection.

imagine what you could open to?!


would you dive IN to your feelings for that person?

would you dive IN to your life?

your work?

your superpower?

how would you feel if you kept your heart open?


give it a shot.

we have all had pain that we thinkĀ was a result of Love.

look at the experiences from a different angle.

come in from the side.

they do not travel on the same beam.

they are separate.


of course we experience pain.

just start considering

that it may not be because we Loved.


Love is Love is Love is Love.

rose is a rose is a rose is a rose…..


what do YOU see?

what do YOU see?



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