the Love of Power and the Power of Love

Daily Nugget #118

the Love of Power and the Power of Love

it's still a planet in my book.

it’s still a planet in my book.


oh Pluto

the juicy things you offer.

Pluto. the Love of Power and the Power of Love.

damn, right?!


you all know what that looks/feels like.

the big, booming power obsessed individual

often on the train to destruction


the incredible power of the love force

that can move mountains, literally.


theses forces: power and love

can have a thin line between them.

they can swiftly shift sides in a moment

without warning.


i think of Star Wars story.

when Anakin moves to the dark side.

he had such potential!!

such power that could go either way


then he made his choice

and became Darth Vader.


but then, when faced with the love of his own son,

he shifts BACK to the light.

the love that Luke showed


his unwillingness to give up on his father

truly sensing the goodness that was once there

tipped Darth Vader back over to the Power of Love.


the possibility of Pluto.


it can switch.

we can be totally in the love of power


then totally in the power of love.


what causes this shift?

most humans enjoy the feeling of power

in some way shape or form.

most humans also

enjoy the feeling of love.

when a person is power obsessed

does that mean they do not have love in their life?

or maybe

they do, but are unable to receive it or let it in.


how can some people live fully in the love force

with no inkling of the gnawing power hunger?


what causes the permanent shift


is there even such a thing

with the lines so closely drawn??


at this point

from my perspective

we are entering a time when Love does take over.

or rather,

it is time to make the CHOICE to allow Love to take over.

with the love of power

there also comes fear.

within love, there IS no fear.


we are shifting OUT of the fear place

and IN to the Love place.

it is time to CHOOSE our side.

do we want to be guided and controlled by fear?

well, that doesn’t feel so good. does it?


do we want to be guided by the love force?

the choice really is in our hands (and hearts).


many of us have dabbled in power and control in some aspect of our lives.

is it not time to just freaking chill out?

and let the love in!

we ALL have the ability to love

in whatever way that means to us.

we ALL have the ability to receive

tho we may have been blocking it.

we can choose to be different.

we can choose to release fear.

we can choose to be the NEW race of humans

that will be talked about hundreds of years from now.


we are the ones. this is the time.

choose to honor yourself AND others.

choose to love yourself AND others.


choose love.

whatever that means to you.

allow it to grow and change and open you.

feel the power in your choice to Love!


what do YOU choose?

what do YOU choose?


ps. thank you Lyn Dalebout for your inspiration and Plutonian Love.

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