the looking glass

Daily Nugget #129

the looking glass


more than just a mirror, right?

some would call it so

but to me

a looking glass is more subtle

more symbolic



i have noticed myself saying often


all of our relations

mirror back to us

what lies within.


this is always a tough thing to come to terms with.

true dat!


when the name for this Nugget came thru loud and clear

i pondered first what it means to me.


i of course googled it.


then i heard what the forces that flow thru me

wanted to share

‘we are not looking in to a mirror but thru a looking glass.’


the looking glass that we look thru is the lens of our beliefs

coloring and flavoring

the experiences that we see before us.


thru our looking glass

we still DO see in others, ourselves.

they still DO show us the parts of us that are wounded

they still DO share with us our deepest fears

but it is not they

who are holding up a mirror

it is us

looking thru our looking glass.

what do you want to see?

what do you want to see?

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