The Longest Road

Daily Nugget #54

i sometimes feel like i’m on the longest road ever.

i can’t see the end or the beginning

they both go off into the distance infinitely.


sometimes the road has MANY potholes

it’s dark


i’m sitting in traffic

oh look, there’s an accident up ahead..

(interesting that its called an ‘accident’

cause nothing is.)


some days there is NO ONE else on the road for miles.

some days its packed.

some days all of my windows are down.

often my seat warmer is crankin.


recently i’ve noticed that the road takes some interesting turns.

there’s more than just ahead and behind

there is above



the road, in fact

expands in all directions.

it’s not  a linear path

it’s multi-dimensional, multi-directional.


well, that changes things.


we are trained to believe that we come from our past and go towards our future.

few teach us that

the road is infinite.

that we are infinite.


we can travel to any point in or on that road and beyond.

it’s not even really a road.

aha. you say.

i’ve planted within you

a new seed to ponder. to germinate.

a seed that opens up a whole heck of a lot of possibility.


for example:

i was sitting next to the river that ultimately becomes the water supply for my community.

i was drinking from my water bottle.

i thought, ‘i’m gonna bless this water. this is the water my family drinks. i want to give it some love and gratitude.’

then i thought, ‘i’m gonna slip into the past and bless this river so that the water  i am drinking NOW in this moment, has my love and gratitude in it.’

get it?

cool experiment. awesome freaking experiment. cause ya know what? i felt it. it worked.

i time traveled

with my intention


blessed/energized/gave gratitude for

the very water i was sipping in the NOW.

(can you wrap your brain around that?)


imagine the possibilities.


i often think of challenging moments in my life

and send love and support back to that moment.

mind you, this is very different from holding on to the past.

it is simply crossing the time/space barriers (which are really an illusion)


interacting with the ‘all time is simultaneous’ stream of consciousness.


at a recent workshop

during a meditation

when i dropped the question ‘what am i to write about?’

the answer came clearly:

Time Travel.

so there you have it 🙂

it really IS possible.

we don’t need a time machine.

just ourselves.

start small.

start playing.

have fun!


see what you can do. visit the past.

visit the future. (our future selves have much to say).

start thinking outside of the ‘road’.

ps. my car is a hover craft.






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