the light at the end of the……

Daily Nugget #173

the light at the end of the…..


the tunnel?

the hallway?

head lamp?


IS there a light?

‘there is no spoon.’

are WE the light?


just seeing a fragment

of ourselves

that has chipped off


is floating away in to space.


the light.

our light.

once whole


whole it will return to.


the light at the end of the tunnel.

do you see it?

is it there?

‘are we there yet???!!’

when we will fucking get there.


how thick does the air have to become?

how thick am i sometimes

for not ‘getting it’ sooner?!


how thick are my beliefs that hold me stationary?

somebody give me some aspirin.

my fluids need thinned.


thinned so they flow smoother


and with greater grace.


greater grace.

i like how that sounds.

nice flow.

greater grace.


‘The Greater Grace opened up and consumed me.’


the light at the end of the……

do we ever really get to the light.

cause once you reach that far off ridge

there is always another one.

that peak that you climbed?

ahhh. damn.

it goes higher yet.


the light <light! yes, i am lighter now!!>

at the end <thank goodness i am complete!>

of the tunnel/hallway….

yes, i can reach the light switch!


there’s a switch!


i’m just gonna go ahead and



there’s some music playing.

i’m gonna go ahead and


i freaking love Jerry & miss him fiercely….. enjoy <3

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