the lies we tell

Daily Nugget #211

the lies we tell


do you consider yourself honest?






ya sure

you might be honest with others.

or are you?


are you honest with yourself?

what lies do you continually defend?

i am happy. this relationship is working. this job is great. my body feels good. i am happy.

i have plenty of time in my day. i love where i live. i don’t get sick. i don’t judge. i am peaceful.

did i mention> i am happy?

are any of these statements lies?


do you try sooooo hard to make them true?

do you want so badly for them to be true???


i’m sick of the lies.


i am accepting of everything that comes my way.

bull shit.

some of it sucks.

i eventually learn to accept it

tho not often at first.


i am happy everywhere in my life.


there are a few corners that need tidying.

i certainly WANT to be happy in all of those areas


i’m not yet.


i am patient.

yea right.

i want it yesterday.


the lies we tell.

i’m not feeling good today. i can’t come in to work.


i fucking hate that soul sucking job.

i can’t sit there for another second.

i bet you say that to your boss all of the time.


and what IS truth?

truth may feel uncomfortable


at the same time> better.


the UNtruth

just feels icky on some level.

you feel it.

everyone around you feels it.

it bleeds from the gaping wound of <i don’t like this but i pretend to>


take a look.

take a good look around you.

what lies do you tell?

how do you truly feel about your life.

when we can start being honest with ourselves,

it cleans and heals the wounds of UNtruth

that have become infected.


always check in to YOU.

YOU matter.

how you feel matters.

start acting that way


see how the Flow or your life begins to pulse with newness.


don't be THAT guy.

don’t be THAT guy.

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