The In Between

Daily Nugget #164

The In Between


one foot in this world

one in another


they are both here now.


i have found myself lately

coming back from a place

like ours.

i never really ‘left’

tho it feels like i did.


i can’t quite go there consciously. intentionally yet.


i don’t realize i’m there

until i’m back.


the In Between.

i have one foot in this reality


one in another.


there are many different versions

of our experience.

we are

<as a collective>

shifting to a new.


ya ya. i know.

we are shifting. evolving. bla bla bla.

we have been for what seems like forEVER.

recently tho

i am feeling it in a new way.


this place i ‘go’

when i’m there

it feels totally different.

there is no fear. no judgment. no worries. no money!

like we are shifting from square to circle.

i want to live there!

the place parallel to ours

yet much more cozy.


all of the ‘structures’ are different.


in one moment i am thinking/feeling:

‘omg. how is that ever going to work out?

oh no, so and so saw me NOT being totally perfect!

i’m not doing enough. i’m not enough.’


and the next moment:

everything IS working out.

i am totally loving of myself and everyone else.

i don’t judge. neither does anyone else.

all is well. life is amazing. i am in the Flow.


do YOU feel the split?

the split between worlds?

the split within?

do you sense the possibilities?

do you visit different versions of the now?


the new way exists



am In Between.


the In Between is a bit excruciating

after feeling the parallel


re-entry is confusing.


i have no other word to describe it.

i’m here

but it’s different.


this new world exists

right here next to us!

i am a seed holder.

it feels like a Truffula seed.


one seed to build a new us

a newness that is in alignment with our true essence

our true selves.


would you like to join me?

come along!

let’s put our seeds together


grow a garden of NewNess!

a garden of wholeness. alignment. love. respect & joy.


let’s take the collective step

OVER to the parallel us-ness


experience life on a new level!!

let's grow a forest of newness!!

let’s grow a forest of newness!!



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