the guiding light

Daily Nugget #150

the guiding light


i have good night vision.

to be blasted by someone’s headlamp

in the darkest of dark

is blinding.


i have good night vision.

is that a vision thing?


a trust thing?


i may trip over things

but i can feel my way along

‘seeing’ from a different place.


do you close your eyes to see?


i close my eyes to see better.

our eyes can only see what our brain can understand.

this is why there are not more UFO sightings.


if we take our eyes out of the picture


rely instead

on our other senses


we find our guiding light.


it is a challenge for many

to close the eyes.

what if what it what if???!!!


allow your eyes to soften.

give them a break.

they work hard.

open up your other senses.

hear. smell. feel. taste.


most of us have a dominant sense.

do you allow it to be something other than your sight?

mine is smell.

oh my! what i can pick up on with my nose.


my intuition.

the 6th sense.


for me

it started as a distant voice

one that i could barely hear


sometimes only hear


cause i wasn’t really listening

before the fact.

OR during.


eventually i said

‘hey, could you speak up? i really want to hear what you are saying.’

and the voice grew.

but only continued to grow

if i listened.

that’s the key.



just like anything

practice practice.


when you practice listening

practice hearing

the voice within

it eventually replaces the chatter of the mind.

it does, after all

serve your best interest.

you are the only person you can always trust.

you will never lead yourself astray.


we all make decisions we don’t feel great about

but hey

we learn to listen better from those experiences.


when you reach for your flashlight in dark times

consider using your own guiding light.

it doesn’t need batteries.

it will always be there as long as you are.

it wants you to grow and succeed.


Allow Yourself To.


is your guiding light on the inside? or the outside?

is your guiding light on the inside? or the outside?


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