the Grief Portal

day XX

poetry month


sometimes it opens


and i land in places

i had forgotten



it’s like the big slide at the pool

that has been closed

and all the kids are waiting for the REopening


the slide -portal- opens

and all of the kids -unprocessed grief- rush to climb the stairs

and dive on to the open-only-sometimes slide


at first the pool -grief-y topics- seems deserted

then it FILLS with eager slide-ers


when the grief portal opens

sometimes by & thru something small (or not)

ALL OF THE THINGS that have been waiting for their exit

have- at long last- an opening <<portal>> out


the grief portal

sometimes it opens unexpectedly

& i find myself revisiting

many. many. and more many things-


breathe IN to and Allow

resistance makes it more painful

cry buckets

allowing all of those powerful feels their exit

at long last


leaving you/me/us feeling



and more








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