the good ~ the bad

Daily Nugget #214

the good ~ the bad


good and bad.

we attach one or the other to every event or situation.

what if that ‘label’ had no real value?

it’s just a belief. a perspective.


we observe OR go thru something

that we then label as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

what if they are neither?

what if they are completely neutral


it is US who attaches the emotion to it?!


what if we flipped what we thought

so that what is good is actually bad


visa versa.



our personal life experiences.

we label the ‘things’ that happen(ed) to us

as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

these events have an impact on us

based on the emotions that rise within


the label that we slap on it.

what about choice?


can we

CHOOSE to feel differently?


then the event(s) wouldn’t hold such a charge.

we can CHOOSE to feel differently.

who’da thought?


yep. choice.

we don’t think it’s a choice, do we?


think you can’t possibly feel that something you see as ‘horrible’

is actually YOUR reaction


not the true essence of the event itself?


is it possible to release all reactions AND labeling?

is it possible to consider that events really ARE neutral?

is it possible to train ourselves to feel differently?

to choose differently about EVERYTHING?

yes. yes. yes. YES!


next time you are having a judge-athon

consider that you might be totally fucking wrong.

the way you are feeling

is based on your own stuff


not necessarily anything else.



stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

your world might turn upside down

and YOU might turn with it.

which would be awesome

by the way.

wow! things look different from down here.

wow! things look different from down here.





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