the gap

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #56

the gap

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not the store, silly.


the gap can be HUGE!!!!

the gap can be teeny.


it can be closed in

a moment.

or even a fraction of a moment.

the time it takes to blink.


‘these walls are so thin, you can hear someone change their mind in the next room.’ says my 95 year old client.


if the wall is thin


the gap is small

you would THINK

change would be easy….


wait, what are you talking about?!
what gap?! what wall?!


i’m talking about the gap

between what you believe




truth IS.

belief may have nothing to do with truth.


how many times do we make shit up in our heads?!

about who we are. what we can or CAN’T do.

what so and so thinks about us.

and on and on forever.


when a belief forms

it takes root.

and grows its branches in to every aspect of our life

coloring and flavoring HOW WE SEE AND EXPERIENCE THE WORLD.


for some

even when those beliefs have no truth


even basis for exisiting

the roots and branches of the original belief

have spread so deep and wide

that the person CANNOT see beyond it.



when a belief is continuously fed



acted upon





we all know those folks who have NO opening

in their belief system

will NOT budge


even consider another perspective on anything.




this past weekend

i had the opportunity

to watch MYSELF change

from a belief that i thought i believed


a place of total newness

when presented with ideas/concepts that made even more sense

than the current program i was running.


it felt like my mind cracked open


‘and the crack is the place the light comes in….’

the crack is where the light gets in!


why do so many attempt to seal the crack?

as if blinded by the light

that is wanting to pour in


bring life

to the dark scape




the crack feels good.

it feels fresh. alive.

like an eye upgrade.


that belief tree within

was starting to provide TOO much shade


i couldn’t see beyond anymore.


maybe the crack brings a chainsaw…..

buzzing off some of the branches


then some more.


maybe those people we bitch about

who cut or top off trees so they can have a better view

are really SHOWING us

what WE


to do within.


‘the wall is so thin, you can hear someone change their mind in the next room.’


my advise?!

ha! what the hell do i know?


is to take out a big ass magnifying glass


examine your belief tree.

trim some freaking branches


cut down the whole damn thing.



and allow the LIGHT to flood IN to the crack once more.


change. it’s not as scary as you think!


audio version 🙂



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