the first step is a doozy!

Daily Nugget #135

the first step is a doozy!

watch that first step y'all.

watch that first step y’all.









this line stuck out to me in a song i heard the other day.

‘the first step is a doozy’.

if you like hip hop


want to listen:

check it out 🙂


~too freaked to even leave your house~

do you ever have those moments?

choose one of the following:

a. sometimes

b. always

c. never

d. why the f do you care


hey, if you chose

b. always

don’t worry.

it’s actually totally normal.

well maybe not normal

but it happens.


sometimes happens often.


i have to be honest.

shocker, right?

there are many times that i DON’T want to leave my house.

the somewhat controlled environment of comfort.

the thought of interacting with the world


if you chose

c. never

in the ‘test’ above

then damn

lucky you

i guess.


this does not mean that i can’t function outside my house

there are just times when i function better.


too freaked out to even leave my house.


maybe not ‘too freaked out’

more like

too comfy in my own personal chaos

to leave it.



i can tell my state o being is a wee bit different

as of late.

it’s been some time since i’ve surfed a wave like this.


no vice can really calm the swell.

tho tea is quite helpful.

no position is very comfortable

tho breathing helps muchly.


it all keeps coming back to my practice.

what is yours?

how do you connect?

how do you seek?

what questions do YOU ask?


it’s interesting how much louder my body is speaking to me during this high tide.

the things that could be potential ‘issues’

expand and inflame a bit when i am out of alignment.

when i am in check

with my diet and lifestyle (& everything in between)

all is calm

including my mind and nervous system.



i hope this info serves you well.

by sharing what’s happening to me


how i navigate it

is intended to support your process thru ‘it’.


are you listening?

paying attention?

what is your body saying?

is your mind out of control?

spinning you out

raising your BP


blowing out your nervous system.


like i said

tea sure helps.

not just any tea.

the magic combo for this ‘phase’ for me

has been:

Chill Me Out. Flow. Kyanite Gem Elixir.

the trio of purpose to support the changing tides of emotional quicksilver.

(it will be up this week to purchase online)

can you say quicksilver? describes something that moves or changes very quickly, or that is difficult to hold or contain. sound familiar?

can you say quicksilver? describes something that moves or changes very quickly, or that is difficult to hold or contain. sound familiar?












yea. i don’t usually talk about my tea cronies when i Nugget

but DAMN

they freaking work


are supportive beyond what even i can comprehend.


i will leave you with this quote

that has impacted my experience recently.

but before i do

i never actually talked about

~the first step is a doozy~

i slipped right in to the:

too freaked out to even leave your house.


oh well.

maybe we will just wait till next time for the juicy McJuiciness of the first step.


here’s the quote.

even tho it’s partial

cause i don’t fully remember it

it’s still freaking awesome.


<if you try to understand something, it keeps you under it/beneath it. but when you get OVER IT, you lift up and get a better view, a better perspective> thanks for your inspiration Christie Marie Sheldon.


looking for a little more support so you can get OVER IT?!

Lyn’s Galactic Wisdom: Star Signposts


the Pele report



can you say: Get Over It?

i can.


till next time.

you rock.










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