the familiar unpleasant

Daily Nugget #193

the familiar unpleasant


you know

that feeling

of not really liking a situation


yet you continue to allow it’s presence in your life.



por que?

why is it more important for us to be comfortable

to be in the ‘familiar’

even if it freaking sucks?!



that the familiar

regardless of how it really feels

seems easier than the alternative:

C H A N G E.



we fear the one thing that is constant


we are silly

us humans.


the familiar unpleasant

happens often

‘this time of year’

feeling obligated


authentic of the UN kind.


am i a scrooge?


maybe not.

i resonate with honesty

not obligation.


jesus was a bad ass dude


nobody really knows when his bday was.

the battle between the:

‘Merry Christmas’ ers

and the

‘Happy Holidays’ ers

say what?!
fighting about who claims this time of year?


no need to puff out your chest

and fight for your way.


what we are all really seeking

when the days are dark and cold

is warmth.


and celebration.

Celebration is a basic need

one that many of us are grossly deficient in.


i ask my clients,

‘how do YOU celebrate?’

it is often unanswerable.

how do you celebrate?

can you celebrate without partying?

without alcohol?

what ARE the important ingredients

that need to show up

for you to feel like you are celebrating?

friends? or not.






can you? do you? celebrate your milestones?

even the small steps that you take

deserve acknowledgment!


what about the familiar unpleasant?

do you continue to engage with it?

feed it your life force?

just because it is familiar?

what is the alternative?

fun? a better life? a bigger life?

more time? more energy?



what do you continue to do

just because?

what would your life look like if you didn’t?

if you CHOSE another way?

if you truly checked IN to yourself

decided to be honest


take action that points you in a new direction?!


we can no longer abandon ourselves

betray ourselves

for the familiar unpleasant.

in the end

we are all we’ve got!

how YOU feel

how you REALLY truly feel


start taking action like it does.

um. yea.

um. yea. 







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