the collapse of all that we know…

Daily Nugget #90

the Collapse of all that we Know.


i am feeling it.

are you?

the system that IS

is slipping off the side of the cliff.


sloughing off

by the pure weight of its lack of supportive-ness.

does this system that we exist in

that we expect to

take care of us

really work?


do you ever feel trapped by your circumstance?

by your work?

by your debt?




to the point that you can’t fully do what

ignites your soul

what fuels your energy

what awakens your dormant power of creation.


this way

the old way

is collapsing.

it’s sliding off the side of the mountain.


some of us are getting caught in the debris.


we don’t know which way is up


if there IS an up.


some of us ride the top of the slide

only to get consumed at the bottom

just when we thought we have made it.


how can this be sustainable?

how can this kind of system

offer love



long term joy for the masses.


why is there so much judgment





towards those who are doing things a different way.


where do our values truly rest?

what do YOU value?


do you value your time

your passions

your family

your happiness

your health?

do you turn away from what’s important

in order to do what’s ‘right’


what you ‘think’ you should do


what you feel you have to do

in order to keep what you value?


why can’t the valued things come first and foremost?

they do for me.

that’s why my world is crumbling.

that’s why i am caught in the slide.

that’s why i am arming myself

with TRUST

in my

Quest for FREEDOM.


those who seek



let it all crumble.

be okay with the slide.

we may not know what awaits us

but the alternative is no longer acceptable.


become a part of Team Freedom.

let’s ride together

the waves of chaos

and uncertainty



that on the other side

that which we truly value

in our hearts

is the only thing that awaits us

on the shore

with open arms.


the rest crumbles


washes away.


the collapse of all that we know

is happening.

what do you chose?

know what’s truly important to you


set your gaze upon a system

(or not-system)

of beauty




freedom for all.


in peace.



spiral jetty


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