the charge

Daily Nugget #167

the charge



did i charge that on my card?

did you see that buffalo charge that tourist?

1.2.3 CHARGE!

wow. so and so was charged for . . .

my phone has no charge!

did you feel the charge in that room? whoa.


i love exploring words.

they have so many meanings


WE have totally different meanings for them.


today lets talk about emotions


emotional charge.


if something is STILL bothering you

it still has a charge.

when you think about someone

or some event

and emotions rise up>

they still have a charge.


what we are looking for is neutrality.


all of those ‘charged’ events or interactions

will continue to affect us

until we fully process. address. clear the charge.


what we are looking for is neutrality.


how many of you

think about something that happened

forEVER ago


you still feel a charge.

you STILL get pulled back IN to the emotions.

pulled BACK is right.


what we are looking for is neutrality.

it is time to be more efficient with our energy.

it is time to BE in the now.



this is what’s up right now.

i’m learning to neutralize.

and my technique?


it will cost ya.

i can charge your card.


just kidding.

but really.

how much IS it worth to you

to stop stewing about the past?

do you seek freedom from it?


are you addicted to it?


it’s amazing how many of us ARE

addicted to it.


am i?


but i don’t want to be anymore.


i feel like sometimes emotions

make me feel alive.

that we are ‘supposed’ to have drama


hard things.

life isn’t supposed to be easy.



why the hell not?!


who made these rules?

good news.

i’m a freaking rule breaker.

<that’s an understatement>


here is my most current strategy.

<btw. the Goddess Athena is about strategy. and she digs owls. i saw an owl 

fly overhead when i was horseback riding @ dusk last week. it is all connected….>


for me

an emotion tends to start rising up from my gut.

i may not recognize it at first

until it bursts out and spills all over me.


the most common reaction for many of us is to RUN!!!


but it’s just as fast as you

and usually faster.


we get tired. it doesn’t.


i started using my childhood nightmare tool of:

turning around and facing what is chasing me.

that sure throws off the boogie man.


this strategy works for emotions too.

it’s also helpful to ‘name’ what emotion it is.

it’s sooooo easy to funnel everything thru anger or . . .


these emotions come up for us to release.

they sure as hell don’t like being trapped in you

as much as you don’t like feeling them.


they have feelings too. ha!

they would like to move on and out.

like the genie in the lamp!

big cosmic power. itty bitty living space.


the power lies in the release.

tho often to fully release

you have to look it in the eyes.


it’s never as scary as you expect.

you’ve just kept it hidden for soooooo freaking long

that damn

it’s probably pretty stinky.

somebody open a window, quick!!


this strategy takes practice

<like everything! i’m such a practice-r. no wonder i’m a coach. ha!>


you have to start paying attention to your feelings.

what’s happening? when are you feeling them? what triggers you?


you allow them to surface.

you don’t lock them back in the basement.

you don’t ignore them or look away.

you invite them to the surface.


just that alone is a game changer.

i mean

who does that?

who says:

‘hey emotion! come on out!’


and when it starts to emerge



look at it.

turn IN to it.

become it.

feel it.


ask it questions!

find where its roots are.

it’s almost NEVER about the situation.

the situation is the trigger

the opportunity to address and release.


how ya doin?



it’s a lot.

i believe in you.

start playing with it.

know that these things are stored within YOU!

and YOU are totally equipped to neutralize them.


keep in mind

that there is a beautiful spectrum of emotions


the by-product of this strategy is an increase of the emotions that feel good!


good luck.

1.2.3. CHARGE!!

make sure your emotions get the memo.....

make sure your emotions get the memo…..








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