tall glass o change

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #21

tall glass o change


pour one for me

pour one for yourself

sip it

slam it.


it’s nice when you get to be the pour-er

cause mostly we are being poured on

poured on and force fed

a tall glass of slippery something something.


it’s like doing a beer bong.

or a keg stand. ha!
let’s do a change bong.

a change stand.

so nice to intentionally imbibe.


be willing to take the step(s)

to allow newness IN.

that means:

a new job. a new relationship. new friends. a new spot for coffee/tea. a new house. a new food! a new belief(s).


and it’s not always about ‘trying’ something new

it’s about DOing something differently.

if you always read the paper

do jumping jacks instead.

if you always take a particular class at a particular time

meet a friend for a walk instead

or go sit outside and breathe.

if you have always worked for yourself

go get a job.



we get fixed in our same routes

seeing and connecting with the same peeps all of the time.

when you make a turn in your day

you bump in to a whole new group of path walkers.

this is good.


bust out of the ushe

pour a tall glass of change

cause if you don’t

one will be poured for you.


think about what your glass o change might look like.

it may be something you’ve never considered before.

it probably is.


we get so set in our routines.

i always thought i was flexy and go with the flow.

but really

i was going with my own flow.

when the tall cosmic glass o change was offered up

i couldn’t even look at it

let alone drink it.

i felt its presence constantly

its pressure was great


i knew if i didn’t grab it and slam it

it would dump itself on my head


its SUCH a big glass

i may drown.

truth is

i was already drowning in my own resistance.

resistance = pain

that’s an easy one to often forget.


to be drowning in resistance


have a tall glass o change dumped on your head

what a freaking double whammy.


no need to suffer, people.

allow yourself to break.

it’s never comfy

tho the potential on the other side

is great!


we are so damned fixed.

so cemented IN to our beliefs.

here we are again….

talking about beliefs.


the truth is

we believe

so it is.

but when the tall glass slides down the bar

in our direction


we want so badly for it to be for the person next to us

we must grab it firmly

meet its eyes


consume all of the goodness

that it came to offer us.


change really is good.

of course

it’s inevitable


like i said

it’s MUCH nicer to BE the changer

than to drown in our resistance

with a tall glass of change being poured over our head.


change = better us

in the long run.

allow the ruts in the road of your life

to smooth out and grow flowers again.



my glass o change :D

my 32 oz glass o change 😀






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  1. Love all the analogies, Dee Elle, esp. the one at the end!
    Great post for Dec. 9th, see Lyn’s EarthWordSkyWord too…

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