the suspicion of goodness reflex

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #33

the suspicion-of-goodness reflex


oh my gosh

i feel fucking awesome.

uh oh

it’s lasting a few days

and a few more


i’m still feeling good.

Does This Mean Something BAD is Going To Happen??!!!


you know you’ve felt it.

cruising along

getting to

an extra happy/blissful/feel-good place

extra elated

extra lots of stuff going well

extra feel goodness

and then

like there’s literally

a little evil you

sitting on your shoulder


‘uh oh, you better watch out! something bad is definitely going to happen.

you can’t possibly have such a long stretch of feel good!’


fear sucks the feel good out of your feel good


you are left

looking over your shoulder

wondering what the hell is going to happen.


damn you

little evil me!

why on earth

would i believe

that feel goodness

can’t possibly be long lasting?!

why would i believe that my happiness has a time limit


at any moment

someone or something

will come along

and pull the plug on my happy town


watch my feel goodness



just like the lack reflex from last week


suspicion-of-goodness reflex

is just that

a reflex.

an unconscious response to something

built in to our belief system

at some point in our life.


many of us are more wired to doubt than trust.


why would we be programmed to believe

that happiness is fleeting

that the majority of our time spent here

is supposed to be challenging

and conflict filled


if we manage to have a brief stay of goodness

we can count on its swift exit

to stage left in our life play



breathe in

breathe out


as i see it

<az eye sea it>

we all have a control panel

for driving our body/life.


if you are willing to entertain this idea


access your panel

you may find

that many of the dials are f’ed

and need replacing.


i tend to remember my control panel

when i feel dehydrated.

with a swipe of my hand

my panel rises up from my chest.

my hydration knob

tends to fall out of alignment

causing my bod to dry.


i’ve recently realized

that i could use a full panel upgrade.

instead of the knobs that break and tweek

i’d like solid dials that stay put

with the flexibility to auto adjust

when need be.

the upgraded version is smarter.



you can use your panel to access things beyond your physicalness.

the reflexes, for instance.

even tho a reflex can be a physical response

it is born in the unseen realm.


we are reacting before we are even aware of it.


what if you could go in to your panel



re-adjust the dials/knobs/switches??


if this is your first visit

look around

see what vitamins/minerals might be turned ‘off’

see what organs might be turned down too low

maybe your eyes could use a boost?

fix or upgrade the knob(s)


set it/them to where you want.


yes, you do have that much control over your body.

it is ready for you to intentionally pilot it.


go to the reflex page of your ipanel.

see what presents itself.

it may take some time to understand the language of your instruction manual.

be willing to become a master.


if you’d like to shake the lack reflex

the suspicion of goodness reflex


the myriad of other reflexes in your programming

adjust the settings.


this doesn’t mean that you are totally off the hook.

your body has been functioning on auto pilot for freaking ever

you must pay attention.

notice the reflex

change your reaction.

then go back and REadjust the setting again.


be patient

be willing

be diligent!


fine tune yourself in to the purring vehicle

you have the potential to become.


this is real.

use it.



PS. most panels are found in the torso somewhere.

look for it


trust what your minds eye shows you.

we have great sci-fi movies/shows/books to give our imagination some ideas.

happy journey-ing!

rock on!


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