step on a crack

Daily Nugget #130

step on a crack


where the heck did that come from anyway?

do you remember thinking you might break your mothers back?

are you one of those peeps?

you avoid stepping on cracks?


the crack is the place where the light gets thru

the plant grows thru

life pours in or out.


there is always a crack.

there is always a way

for life to reach IN to the concrete jungle


for our light to reach OUT to the world.


if there is always a crack

the light always gets in

if the light always gets in

eventually it will shine in to the shadows

the attics

the corners


what feels so big within

will show itself to be

not so much.



it always feels way bigger.

it feels way bigger because

we have held it tightly



so it is bursting @ its seams.


but really

the boogy man within

has just gotten infected.

it has been in the dark too long.

what we can’t see with our eyes

seems to grow bigger.


it is time to find that crack


allow the light to pour in.

it is also time to find the crack

that allows our own light to shine out.


‘there is always a crack.

that’s how the light gets in’




that quote (minus the ‘and out’, that was my addition. ha!)

has bounced around in my life ever since i heard it.




it is bouncing in to this Nugget.


where is your crack?

ha! you know what i mean.

the one where the light gets in




try standing naked in the dark.

do you see any light beaming thru?

you might have to look hard.


where are your wounds?

they often make up the crack where the light enters.

Rumi knew that one.


cracks cracks and more cracks.

wonder if this post will come up when people are googling something entirely different.

hey, i hope it does.


lets work on allowing our cracks to grow

so that light can get IN if need be


OUT cause the world needs it.


be a crack detective.

oh geesh.

i better stop now.


hugs and love.


oh yea, here it comes!

oh yea, here it comes!





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