Spiritual Novocaine

Daily Nugget #202

Spiritual Novocaine


that’s what i call the numbness

the numbness that is a result of disconnection.

the ultimate form of self medicating.

just be numb.

got numb?


most people experience the caine

in some way shape or form.

it all starts with a feeling….

one that you ignore

so its voice gets weaker.

and because it gets ignored

the subject from which it was birthed

gets ignored and tolerated.


sucky job

sucky relationship

sucky choice

<whatever it might be>


our belief that we have to stay stays intact.


the feeling alerts us to mis-alignment

and if we ignore the feeling

and choose NOT to take action

the mis-alignment deepens

causing disconnection

which came from not listening

which then can bleed in to others areas of our life

to the point of

draining our passion <along with other things> completely.


when our passion is drained

our spark

our desire

we feel stuck where we are.

and the stuckness leads to hardness

and then

the numbing is so deep

we don’t realize that we are numb

and what we are doing sucks

<literally sucks the life out>

and that we even have a choice to change it.



most people have some numbing

if not complete numbing.

the numbing makes us more ‘controllable’


when numb

we feel, ‘what’s the use.’


this antidote is connection.


taking action.


we have deep wells of support within.

our feelings guide us.

if we chose to listen to the feelings

their voice gets louder

which then allows them to bring

more guiding feelings to support us on our way.


when we chose to listen

not ignoring how we feel

honoring the source within

we plug back IN to ourselves.


the numbing fades


we become aware

of what works


what doesn’t.


the key here

is to be okay

with whatever is.

only YOU know your true path.


Spiritual Novocaine.

do you medicate?

are you numb?

have you chosen to turn off your guidance within

and replace it with mediocracy?


much to ponder.

be willing to feel.

be willing to see.

be willing to step IN to a better, more passionate existence.

start listening.

start listening.


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