speaking from the mind vs. heart

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #4

Mind vs. Heart


Do you know which voice guides you?

Do you feel a battle within?



There is a difference between

the voice of the Mind


the voice of the Heart.

Often a chasm of dichotomy separates the 2.


How often do you do something you don’t really want to do?

How often do you say something that feels bitter on your tongue?


How often do you allow yourself to take action

from your place of truth

even if feels hard?



The Human Dilemma.


Do I do/say/act from a place of inner truth?


Do I do/say/act from a place of:

the supposed’tas


the should’s?


the what-so&so-wants-to-hear?


In today’s video

let’s explore

how to find our voice from it’s most authentic place.


Many blessings on your journey.

dee elle




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