something shiFted

Daily Nugget #201

something shiFted


something shiFted


on my walk

in the sun

in the emptiness.


something shifted today

in the light

in my body

in my breath

in my step.


maybe it’s me

maybe everything else

maybe yes

maybe no

don’t give it some thought.

too much thought

that is….

just feel around.

is it new?

is it different?

is this its first time in town?


something shifted today

in my voice

in my sight

my awareness

my foundation

my joy




something shifted today


i noticed it move.

super subtle

super loud

*  *  *

super clear



just right.


something shifted today


i heard itself speak.


do YOU feel it?

i do.

its emergence?


does it feel locked up?


are you willing to hear it?

are you willing?! i say.

are you willing to open

your ears and your heart


the barriers to growth

the human ‘weed cloth’

<ps. they still get thru>


so does ‘it’.

IT that is you

at your deepest and most truest

has a song

will you sing it?

allow it to come thru?

in all of its gloriously perfect imperfections

that make you



something shiFted today


i let it.

did you?

things look different every time we look at them....

things look different every time we look at them….







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