showing up

Daily Nugget #168

showing up


do you show up?

do the people in your life show up?

does your life show up?


what a wild ride i’ve been on.

my life and everyone in it keep saying ‘YES!’


‘wait, actually no.’


i’m totally not exaggerating.

fur realz

my life keeps saying no.


i think the curse has been broken!



i got 2 yeses


i got 3.

that’s a freaking record.

so i can stop talking about ALL of the no’s now.

i’m done with no’s.


i got really skilled at receiving them

i even started to expect them.

that’s depressing.


on to ~Showing Up~


do YOU show up?

do you show up when you feel like it?


when it’s convenient to you?

how important is an agreement


a commitment?


do you quickly shift

when a better offer comes around?


let me give you a little background.

i live in the land of non-committers.


i know there are a few rare committers out there

but for the most part

many of you

don’t commit.

won’t commit.

fear committing?

who the hell knows.


i think it might be a dis-ease


an epidemic.

why is it hard to say yes?

why do we hold back until the last minute?

i am challenged with this phenomenon.


do i know any committers?

yes! thank goodness.


i love them for it.


thank you.


i don’t really know why i’m rambling about this.


i am freaking thrilled that my no curse has been broken.

a series of 3 yeses is sure fire sign.


and the other part

is┬áthat i’m still reeling about all the ‘yes! actually no'(s)

that i received all summer.


i just auditioned for a modeling gig.

that’s up there with the rodeo

building a fence


doing an overnight horse trip

on the ever growing list of things

i’m doing

that i’ve never done before.

was it today? mine was.

was it today? mine was.


my life is starting to land

as i’m about to take off for another hemisphere

my new website is coming together

as i re-materialize

in to my new form

my upgraded form of me-ness

in this now-ness.


i ask myself often,

‘do i show up?’

hell yes.

i’m not sure a day goes by that i don’t!

i show up. i pay attention.

i try new things. i prove my judgments to be wrong!

i lean in to my edge and do things out of my comfort zone all of the time.


i’ve realized that that is the place where i feel most alive.

where i grow and expand and know myself better

by doing things that aren’t my norm.



it totally throws us off

to just be spontaneous





gosh, we get so comfortable.

but is comfortable really comfortable?


do you show up?

do you show up fresh and new and different?

ready to try something different?

ready to experience something new?

ready to see how you behave in new-ness!


we’ve been ‘training’ to be us

for our entire life.

it’s hella fun

to throw ourselves in to a new situation


see what we come up with.


show up, people!
show up powerfully

on purpose


with a smile.


life is supposed to be awesome.

bye bye comfort zone.  hello life!!

bye bye comfort zone.
hello life!!



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  1. I’ve been asked to join a book club. In year’s past, I have said no. But now is the time to venture out and read what others decide to read. “yes”, I say!

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