Once there was an elephant

a she-lephant

who lived in a beautiful spot in a magical world

around the corner from aunt sue

where the Trees were Many


the Waters were BIG.


She experienced a quiet life.

She wasn’t included in the elephant-y games….

She was ‘accidentally’ left out of most of the celebrations

She often felt Alone & UNheard


completely INvisible.


one day

as She was walking to her watering place

she felt as if someONE or someTHING

was following her

tho each time she turned

there was only space.


this kept happening day after day

week after week

on her trips to the watering place.

until one day…..


the One or the Thing

felt as if it was riding on her shoulders.

her big floppy ears

prevented her from seeing if the One or the Thing actually WAS there

so She pretended she didn’t notice


made her way to the watering place.


She knew she could look in the water

to see all around


she was sure

if the One or the Thing was really there

she’d see.


when She reached the water’s edge

She reached down with her truck to touch the water.


the water looked back and showed her many things.

the One and the Thing


it moved.

it shifted.

to show what looked like a story

in she-lephant language.


the She’s of before


the She’s yet to come.


She realized that She was the keeper of the past

the keeper of the future


all times in between.


She had heard whisperings in the dark forests about such creatures.

powerful BEings

FULL of light

that NObody else could see

until the SHE was ready.


was She ready?


She sat at the water’s edge

reached her trunk UP to the sky


sang Her song

like she never had before.


She sang and sang and sang

until every One & every Thing

in all the parts of Many Trees


Big Waters

heard her.


the whisperings always said…

for the She who was born

IN to a world

that didn’t see-

it wasn’t that they didn’t want to see her


include her

it was that they couldn’t

until She knew

that the One and the Thing

were ALL things and ALL ones


her role in this world

included them all.


then the All became One


the water showed many things.

ALL eyes were open


ALL eyes could now see…..


and the She-lephant’s heart grew to include ALL of the Many Trees and Big Waters

and beyond

wayyyyy beyond….











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