Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #37



‘How would you like your life done?’ asks the cosmic server.

over easy? nah.

hard boiled? god no.

scrambled? sounds about right.


this morning i came downstairs


there was a robin sitting on the back of my couch.


naughty kitty.

wonder if she (the robin) chose hard boiled today?


choice. yes.

we chooooooooooose it.

if i consciously choose scrambled

would that make a difference?



i’ve been perhaps-ing a lot lately.

scrambled perhaps?


are you noticing a scrambled aspect to your life?


beat with a cosmic whisk

until fluffy.

do NOT over beat.


if you are choosing the hard boiled option

you are probably feeling like you may break

at any moment.

resistance makes us hard.

are you resisting the inevitable?


over easy?

sometimes over easy is the hardest.

staying with what is ‘easy’ isn’t always.

the familiar can feel easier

than the alternative

but often

it can cause a longer


more painful death

of the spirit.


i talked sweetly to the robin

as i opened the window behind her.

she stressing for a few breaths

then rocketed to freedom.


i wonder if she had come to accept

that she was trapped


decided to just chill the F out?

cats lurking closely.


sometimes i lean in


intentionally scramble the heck out of my inners.

why not?

por que no?


let’s mix the colors

add a splash of milk

and see what unity feels like.


so much separation.

i seek unity.

unity with those parts of me that broke off somewhere down the road.

unity with the dreams i once had and gave up on.

unity with annoying neighbors or looney leaders

we ARE all one after all

if you really think about it.


we are experiencing separation

so the unity feels extra sweet when it comes back around.

like returning to a place you love


to a person you’ve missed.


we’ve forgotten so much.

we’ve allowed too much.


i wonder how that robin is feeling now?

no doubt she entered my house via cats mouth.

she probably shook it off and moved on.

we could get better at that practice.


shake it off. shake it out. shake it shake it until you feel free.

that shit works.


this is the first thing that appeared when i googled -shake it shake it baby- hilarious & awesome.

and if you’re up for a good shake out, this rocks. immediate attitude adjustment.


be free, people.












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