rockin the new me

Daily Nugget #60

rockin the new me.


it’s not like i’m totally new or anything


maybe i am.


all it takes is a new perspective.

considering a new way.



a new perspective.



that sounds easy enough.

how do i order one?


how does one order a new perspective?

good question.

they seem to readily flood in to my life.

do they come cause i invite them?


do they randomly appear?


does everyone have access to them?

these ‘new’ perspectives.

what does it take to ‘hear’ them

‘see’ them

‘feel’ them?

those aha moments

when you feel your head actually expand

beyond what you thought possible.

just when you thought you couldn’t possibly

fit anymore


in there,

they appear. new perspectives.

there is always room.



that’s what it is.


there is infinite room to expand in our experience.

we are

in fact

here to experience expansion.


so this ramble about perspective

really turns out to be a

ramble about expansion.


they go together


we expand when we consider





so i guess

it IS possible to order up

a new perspective.


just ask someone else what THEY think


read something new and interesting


stand on your HEAD.


think backwards.

or rather

think in reverse.

there are a

gazillion more possibilities

to any given situation

that you have NOT thought about


even considered.


be open to possibility.

be open to expansion!

be open & ALLOW.


why do we get so damn bound up

and constricted?

why do we feel like we have to micro-manage our experience?!

why why why!

why not just chill the f out

for a minute


take a deep breath.

allow (there’s that word again)

allow our bodies to soften.

yes soften.

we can still rock a six-pack

and have softness.

get where i’m coming from?

soften doesn’t mean weaken.

it means:

releasing the grip you/we have on our physicalness.

like we are trying to hold ourselves together

or something.

breaking new> our bodies (for the most part)

are pretty good at holding it together.

your leg isn’t gonna fall off or anything.


you read me?

pshew. cause i’m not sure if i read me. ha!

slow down people.

slow meaning: quiet your thoughts.

this is not a race.

be the tortoise.

podo nose




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