Ride The Waves

the waves are Big & Many





sometimes you see the waves coming.

sometimes you don’t

& you get pinned UNDERwater

for like EVS

so it seems.




sometimes the waves come in intervals that seem IMpossible

with barely a breath between each.


and sometimes

they have a rhythm.




and then sometimes

they stop. altogether.


i flew to Hawaii once

when a hurricane was supposedly

‘devastating the islands’

(silly news)


the hurricane did indeed pass by-

the interesting thing was

that the ocean -laid down-

post storm

and NO waves were happening.


do YOU have moments of WaveLessNess?

when NO feels

no intensities

no storms

are passing thru you?


for me

these days

the waves come suddenly

and (often) with great force.

they erode the shoreline

they create new pathways

they pull out to sea

all of the things that can no longer hold on.

thank goodness.



in the wake of the storm

(tho not without a few bruises. sometimes.)

i am left with more space.

IN &

around me.


the waves swallowed the things




bathed IN salty GOODness

my whole BEing

so that i am now anew.


a new version of me.

lighter. brighter. and more free.

which is ALWAYS where i aim my intentions.

so i welcome the storms.

allow myself to be tossed around

-even tho it sux. tho only sometimes-


enjoy the Petrichor

(the scent of the earth responding to the rain)

as i breathe IN with NEW lungs


hang up my surfboard

till next time

(or some time).


ride’m. surf’m. yes! 






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