Return of the Light!

the return of the light....

the return of the light….


i will be posting the recordings of each days Return of the Light meditation.

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this is a live series broadcasting @ 11am MST every day from December 11th to December 21st (the new moon & Soulstice!)  Bring on the LIGHT!

Day 1: Return of the Light

Day 2: abundance

Day 3: earth

Day 4: healing.

today’s meditation didn’t record for some reason?

or rather. it DID record but with no sound. hmmmm.

i even did a re-do. nothing.

so in my go-with-the-flow-ness,

i decided you must need the exercise to be in writing today.

here is our healing exercise:

everything in life is a relationship. we have relationships to: our selves. our bodies. technology. family. our home. community. time. food. money… the list goes on. each one is a relationship. and if you look at it that way, it seems easier to go about healing. right?

today. let’s breathe. in thru the nose. out thru the mouth. x3

notice where in your body you feel pain or tightness or constriction.

breathe IN to that place in your body. exhale thru mouth. x 3

now breathe in light in whatever color you see healing energy to be

breathe in the healing light to that spot.

breathe out (thru the mouth) anything less than that x 3.

as that place in your body fills with the healing light

now, with your breath, expand it out to the rest of your body and your BEing.

with each breath expand more

exhaling anything less than the healing light.

expand to your community. your state. country. continent.

until the whole planet is wrapped in the healing light

that you have breathed IN to YOUR body and expanded out.


1. start breathing in healing light to a spot of discomfort.

2. once that spot is filled, expand out in to the rest of your body and BEingness.

3. with each breath, expand out further: community. state. country. continent. planet….

4. if you can go even further, expand out to the solar system. galaxy. universe.

5. ahhhh. and then feel it come back to you. send it out. feel it come back.

this is ALL done with your breath.

the work that YOU do affects everything.

practice practice. see you tomorrow. xo

Day 5: flexibility.

Day 6: Peace.

Day 7: surrender.

Day 8: hope.

Day 9: signals.

we had some tech issues today 🙂 i am still gonna post the recording. try listening with your 3rd ear. FEEL the message today. with your breath. with your heart. sending love.

Day 10: perspective.

Day 11!! Happy Soulstice! reach for the stars 🙂

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