Release The Feels

Partnering with Essential Oils for Inner Freedom

  • RTF is a practice of Paying Attention, Applying oils AND Breathing.
    (Created with Young Living Oils & Blends. No substitutes will be effective)
  • RTF allows you to release the accumulation of a lifetime of unresolved feelings that reside in the body.
    (Unresolved feelings turn into physical & life challenges)
  • RTF, when practiced, has the potential to take your life to the next level. You may feel lighter/brighter, less attached AND more present.
    (The reward for commitment + consistency = RESULTS)
    RTF Bundle Includes:
    • Video Training guide.
    • Release The Feels eBook in PDF format (free with purchase).
    • Essential Oil guide that shows how to use the oils AND explains why quality is everything.
    • Ample space to take notes digitally inside the eBook OR print it out and write on it. Whatever way YOU love best 🙂
    • Daily Feels worksheet to help you thru the process & create a practice with it!
    • Access to the RTF Facebook community for support and weekly, live RTF sessions.

    This material was created by an Independent Distributor and has not been approved or endorsed by Young Living. 

    About the author.

    I am a plant communicator.

    What the heck does that mean, you ask??!!
    It means that I speak plant and translate it to human.

    It all started many years ago when I saw a friend walking toward me. Her energy had a striking resemblance to one of the plants in my garden. I wondered what would happen if I brought the two of them together?

    Find out the rest in the book!! 

    Dee Elle Bupp