Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #60



do you have a dominant theme in your relationships?

do they nourish you?

how does the word -relationship- make you feel?


do you look to improve your relationships?

do you seek new ones?

how do YOU feel within them?

do they bring out your best?


do you want to feel better?

are you ready to feel better?

how do you respond to change?


how would your life look if all of your relationships nourished you?

how would you feel if YOU were nourished?

are you willing to face

-Really Face-

what others bring up in you?


are you tired of the same things coming up again and again?


do you know what you want?

how is your relationship to you?

do you say kind things?

take excellent care?


do you speak to others how you speak to yourself?

do the things others say about you resonate?

how many questions are you willing to ask?

to answer?



are you happy with what is?

does your relationship to your life light you up?

are you thrilled to start each day?

is your work feeding you? or depleting you?


what if how we felt about ourselves was true?

what if changing how we felt

could change our life


our relationships?


are you willing to allow yourself to BE the best you can?

are you willing to support yourself thru it?

are you willing to whisper kind things?

loving things?

encouraging things in to your own ear?


are you willing to forgive all the shitty things others have done?

are you willing to forgive yourself for all of the shitty things you have done?


are you willing to release the pain that’s only partially digested

constipating your life

and your freedom?


are you willing?

are you willing?

Are You Willing?






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