A REboot will explore the energetic realms of your life:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Work/career

Your thoughts and beliefs are woven INto your energetic field.

The field is what actually CREATES your life experience.

The REboot sheds light on the patterns that may be keeping you where you are and/or cycling you thru the same situations over and over.

The imagery that lives in your field is your PowerTool for change.

When you pour your attention and energy into improving what lives in the field, your physical reality begins to shift.

Your field feeds your life~ Change your field. Change your life.

I will give you the tools to rebuild or remodel your current energetic structure and put the power back into YOUR hands to build the life you dream of.

*Best suited for those who WANT to feel better and are willing to commit to consistently doing something about it.


Individual REboot : $222

  • 2 seshes.
  • A week of Voxer support to help you integrate INto the new you.

Couples REboot : $333

  • Strengthen, deepen, REorganize¬†and/or grow your relationship.
  • 3 seshes of support for your newness.

Teams & Group Work : $44/person (5 person minimum)

  • Single combined energy sesh (via Zoom) to access the shared imagery of the group.
  • Powerful for teams, colleagues, families and friends to access and shift the shared energy you carry as a group.

9-Week Transformation Invitation : $999

  • A fully supported deep dive INto the REbooted YOU.
    Includes SO many wonderful tools.
  • Please reach out if you want to learn more.

Ready For Change?

Clarity? Total newness?

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