REboot explores the energetic realms of your life:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Work/career
  • And everything in-between and beyond

Your energetic field is created by & with your thoughts and beliefs. Your field informs your life, your body and your experiences based on what you ‘feed’ it.

Your field is what CREATES your life experiences.

Your thoughts and beliefs organize as imagery in your field, similar to the dream world.

This imagery is your PowerTool for change. Playing with & in your imagery is how you learn to -Speak Your Own Language-

It’s a way to bypass ‘attempting to discover everything that you THINK and BELIEVE’ (which sounds impossible!)

A REboot moves around the analytical brain and lands deeply IN your BEing. It’s your own symbolic way of communicating with YOself.

When you pour your attention and energy into improving what lives in your field, your physical reality begins to shapeshift. Fur Realz!

Your field feeds your life~ Change your field. Change your life.

  1. This is a playFUL adventure.
  2. It’s not hard, but it takes practice.
  3. Ultimately, a REboot supports the UNlocking of your imagination. When your imagination is UNlocked, you actually start to BELIEVE that anything is possible.

Individual REboot : $333


  • 2 seshes of exploration 🙂
  • Sesh #1~ connect and find our focus/intention. 
  • Next~ I go IN to your field & gather your PowerTools (on my own time- via meditation). 
  • Sesh #2~ delivers you the goods. Yay!
  • This is a dance. A practice. A process. You will have the support that you want and need for your magical journey. 
  • Saying YES to this support will help you understand and practice your new PowerTool with others on the REboot path.
  • Learning to speak your own language takes time and practice AND it's a joy to see how it translates IN to the physical experience. Truly.
  • This is not a 'one and done' experience. In order for your PowerTool to work, you have to use it. It's not hard. It's just a new & sometimes never (yet) used muscle. 
  • The REboot group is a fab place to learn and grow. Practice is the best way to grow your new skill. Those who join the community experience the most results. Results = A Life the Reflects what you ACTUALLY desire, not what you unconsciously create. 
  • Any Questions? Haha. 

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