reach or travel?

Daily Nugget #108

reach or travel?

it's easier to travel than it is to reach....

it’s easier to travel than it is to reach….


you know what it feels like to reach for something


it’s just out of your grasp.

you strain to make it work

to make contact.

you bend. stretch. strain.


sometimes fall over.

and still not quite getting it or getting there.


your eyes pop out and you grunt with effort.


if i was only:

taller. longer. more flexible.



if i was only taller. longer. more flexible.


let’s p0nder

for a moment

the possibility of traveling TO whatever or where ever it is

without reaching.

without wrenching your back


falling on your face?


when you seek

instead of reaching or forcing

tune in to the version of yourself that exists

where or with whatever it is you are seeking

and simply travel there.


i say simply.

how the heck?!


instead of moving from a place of lack

where you are reaching for fullness,

tune in

get quiet

and travel to the place and time where that version of you exists already.

fur realz.


time is slipper-ier than we know.

you can lean IN to certain points in your own timeline

to access information



whatever it is you seek.


whatever you can imagine. do. be. have.

there exists a version of you with it

doing it

being it.



knowing this.

believing in this

allows for chillin’ the f out

so we can get there.


travel instead of reach.

play with it.











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