tap tap

caw caw

i see you . . .


i soar high

i soar low

and i see you

in both places.


i see your chaos

i see your pain


i see your love.


it’s all there

around you

you emit it like a tower.

everything you feel

i see.


i offer you

a chance to see me.

will you take it?

will you open your new eyes

and see



what i feel

i also emit

tho i do it with much care.


when i chose what flows from me

what comes back

is what i’m seeking.


when i choose to emit my hunger

i find food.

when i choose to emit my readiness

i find my mate.


when i CHOOSE what i allow to flow from me

what comes back

is expected.


what will YOU choose?

will you choose to be aware of what you’re emitting?

will you choose to see what i emit?


don’t allow how you feel to swallow and drown you.

take note. make adjustments. carry on.

choose to emit—from awareness


your life will never again feel confusing.


the chosen one




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