Release the Feels


RTF Bundle Includes:

  • Video Training guide.
  • Release The Feels eBook in PDF format (free with purchase).
  • Essential Oil guide that shows how to use the oils AND explains why quality is everything.
  • Ample space to take notes digitally inside the eBook OR print it out and write on it. Whatever way YOU love best.
  • Daily Feels worksheet to help you thru the process & create a practice with it!
  • Access to the RTF Facebook community for support and weekly, live RTF sessions.


Partnering with Essential Oils for Inner Freedom

  • RTF is a practice of Paying Attention, Applying oils, AND Breathing. (Created with Young Living Oils & Blends. No substitutes will be effective)
  • RTF allows you to release the accumulation of a lifetime of unresolved feelings that reside in the body. (Unresolved feelings turn into physical & life challenges)
  • RTF, when practiced, has the potential to take your life to the next level. You may feel lighter/brighter, less attached, AND more present. (The reward for commitment + consistency = RESULTS)

This material was created by an Independent Distributor and has not been approved or endorsed by Young Living.