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How to Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are the life force energy (or blood) of the plant. They transport oxygen and nutrients to the cells, improving efficiency and communication within the body.

For best results, BE CONSISTENT. Use the oils daily and often. Create time/space in your day to apply oils. The more you use them, the better your bodies get accustomed to operating at (and sustaining) a higher frequency (aka better feels).



  • Breathe in from the bottle.
  • Place a drop in your hands &  breathe.
  • Fill your diffuser and breathe.


  • Apply to your body in the places you hold stress, tension, or discomfort.


  • Use the vitality line in your water, foods, or directly in your mouth.

Premium Starter Kit

What's Included

Box Opening

Follow along with Dee as she opens the Premium Starter Kit.


This is an uplifting oil!! (my personal fav!) SUPER high vibration/frequency. Frankincense is the oil that reminds us that what we see in our life is a reflection of what’s going on within us.

  • Place a drop in your palm and breathe in. It's uplifting and grounding! See the bigger picture & connect with your whole self.
  • Add a drop to your facial moisturizer or apply directly to your face on areas you would like to tighten (keep a bottle next to sink).
  • Diffuse during meditation or mix with lavender to promote restful sleep! 3-5 drops each in a diffuser.
  • This is the best immune system support in your kit! Use it on the vita flex points on the bottom of your feet OR apply topically to wherever you're feeling the feels.


A very happy oil! Great to uplift the spirits.

  • Diffuse while cleaning for sparkly air!
  • A super degreaser (no kidding!) you can replace your oven cleaner with some Thieves all purpose cleaner and lemon oil!
  • Apply lemon on chest and back of neck paired with lavender and peppermint for a change of season support.
  • Great in the armpits for stink.
  • A drop in water (warm or cold) is lovely (use glass or stainless steal container. Oils break down plastic).  -
  • Put a drop on a pimple at night.

*For some people it can be a little warm on the skin. You can mix it with some olive or coconut oil if that is the case for you.

**Citruses are photosensitive so using on skin and exposing to sun may result in sunburn


Want to feel alive/clear?!

  • Place a drop of peppermint on your forehead or back of your neck. 
  • A drop in water or rubbed on belly to support digestion. 
  • Apply to areas of tension. It has a lovely cooling sensation. 
  • Super great in a steam inhalation to help you breathe deeper.
  • VERY affective at clearing heavy energy (ie convos with energy suckers OR a rough day @ work) diffuse and/or apply to entire body over clothes. Like an oily smudge stick


Very versatile and soothing! When in doubt, use lavender (or frankincense).

  • Use before bed on bottoms of feet and behind ears.
  • Natural deodorant and bug repellent 🙂
  • Apply to areas of tension, wherever you FEEL stress in your body.
  • Great to diffuse while sleeping or relaxing.
  • Pair with Epsom salts in a bath.


Supports the respiratory system.

  • Make a simple salve with coconut oil for a nice chest rub/bottoms of feet. Gently melt 1/3 cup of coconut oil and cool. Add 15-20 drops of oil and stir well. Transfer to jar to harden. Voila!
  • Apply to vita flex points on the bottoms of feet OR topically to the chest. Again, if it’s too hot, add a carrier oil (coconut. Olive. Etc…) the sensation you may feel is due to FAST absorption. Using the carrier oil SLOWS the absorption and cools things down.
  • Diffuse to breathe deeper and open lungs.
  • Nice in diffuser to clear stuck energy or process grief (lungs are the organ that hold and process grief).


This blend rocks! So many of us suffer from digestive complaints. Digize to the rescue! We ALSO have LOTS of mental & emotional things to ‘digest’.

  • Place directly on the belly when it's feeling uncomfy.
  • A drop in water, veg-capsule or under tongue to support digestion.
  • Use Digize on your feet, or belly, or dab on the forehead and/or back of neck when you are stuck in a thought pattern OR need to digest a big/heavy situation.


Support for the muscular, skeletal and all other systems that experience wear and tear.

  • Apply to areas of tension/discomfort.
  • Put in carrier oil for a great massage rub 🙂 
  • Apply to bottoms of feet after a long day. Ahhhhh. This oil goes deep.


Your best defense.

  • Diffuse this in the house and bedrooms when someone is under the weather.
  • Place a drop in warm water as tea to boost immune system OR gargle for throat support.
  • Apply ALL OVER your body on top of your clothes & in your 'field' around you when traveling.

*Thieves has its own line of household products including: dish soap, laundry detergent, toothpaste, mouthwash, hand soap, floss and so much more!! Get your thieves on!

Stress Away

Relax with this one! A kids fav!

  • Place on shoulders at the end of a long day.
  • During high stress times (which maybe all the time for some) apply daily, liberally and often to your neck, belly or wherever you feel stress. 5-10 drops in your diffuser.
  • Add a few drops to a bath
  • Apply to the outer lobe of the ears in the morning with a peaceful intention for the day.
  • Apply all over your body.
  • Hire a plane to ‘crop dust’ the whole planet with it! THIS BLEND ROCKS!!!

Citrus Fresh

Lovely to clean with!

  • When diffused, it brightens your space & makes the energy feel squeaky clean. 
  • A fav of the kids.
  • Use with baking soda to clean your tub!
  • Sprinkle in room when there has been a stinky accident


Wow! So happy this blend made its way back in to the kit!

  • Supports: Courage. Grounding. Empowerment. Confidence. Energy balance.
  • About to give a presentation? Valor.
  • About to drop IN to something big and scary? Valor.
  • Feeling out of alignment? Valor.
  • Incredible. Fabulous. Support.
  • Put a drop on your wrist and connect with the other wrist. Hold together and take 3-5 focused breaths. Great way to start OR end your day (or both) Love love love!!

Peace & Calming


  • Gentle, sweet and soothing, this is a great choice for bedtime routines, meditation or when you need to chill out.
  • Fab in the diffuser OR topically on your body where you hold tension.
  • A fav of kids, animals and busy mama’s (or dads!).

Thieves Household Cleaner

It's SUPER concentrated. Follow directions on pack and add to a spray bottle of water. This cleaner can replace all of the cleaners in your home!!! Use it for and on everything. It’s amazing.

Kitchen. Bathroom. Cars. Floors. Windows. The works! AND it’s totally safe to get on your skin and inhale! The kids and grandkids can even help you clean. I keep a box of baking soda handy to use WITH the Thieves cleaner for the tubs and sinks when I need some grit.

Ningxia Red

I can’t say enough about this powerful (and delicious) super-food! I committed to using daily it for 3 months. Wow. NOW I notice with this fab product does for me!! Everything takes time, people. Give yourself 3-4 months of consistent use of anything to truly notice what and how these products enhance your life.