prayer has no copyright

Tales of a Double Virgo

Episode #51

Prayer Has No Copyright!!


i feel like i can actually say ‘pray’

for the first time in my adult life

without shuttering


having some reflex of shame

feeling the collective harm

organized religion

has inflicted upon zillions of humans.


nobody OWNS prayer.

it does not belong to religion.

nobody can copyright its existence

make money off of it

claim it for its own.


a prayer is within.

it lives within the feeling plane.

it is born from intention


sent out with purpose

~whether we are conscious of it or not~


‘they’ say:

worry is praying for what you don’t want.


now that i can actually use the word

that in my past had been so tarnished

by judgers

so thrown in my pile of:


let’s see how we can use prayer

to heal






what IS prayer?

prayer is many things to many people.

what is your definition?


i have been playing with my version of prayer


spending time each day

praying over my life.


i imagine what my life structure looks like from an aerial view


i literally place my hands over it


send energy down to my life

with a smile on my face


the feeling of joy in my heart.


at first

i noticed

that my life had an actual structure

not too different from

things i’ve seen my kids create with legos.



i am noticing

the energetic structure of my life

is changing.


the mass amounts of 90* angles

have morphed

and moved out to

expand beyond my previous boarders

with a softer flow

similar to liquid light.


i pray over my life

my work

all of the BEings i come in to contact with


i watch

in my physical life

how it all manifests.




i pray out to

the earth

our solar system

our galaxy



holding in my heart

the feeling of love




i first started cracking my limiting belief of prayer

when i read/listened to Gregg Braden.

all it takes

is openness to a new way


your whole life can shift course.


pay attention to where you might hold tight to your beliefs

of a way

a word

a commitment….


take a word

hold it close

see how it makes you feel.

so many words can be changed

by how we respond to them.

when i removed the copyright symbol from prayer

i realized

everything i experience

is a product of my own interpretation.


when i look at something


in a new way

with different eyes

everything can change.


be willing to rename your life

redefine what you believe


pray your butt off.


see what happens 🙂


report back.







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  1. beautiful dee elle! joining you in praying with love and gratefulness for the flourishing of all BEings… happy 2018!

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