Poetry Month!

hello readers and feelers <3


April is National Poetry Month

& tho i don’t often give a shit about these kinds of things . . .

THIS one landed in me


i wanted to do something about it.

SO you’ll be getting a poem/day in your inbox all month!


The Theme of This Month

(in one of my communities)


The UNknown

so you may see it appear in the often.



Ode to the UN~


the UNknown.

why does there have to be an UN there?


the UNknown.

if it’s UNknown- how do we KNOW how to get there?




the UNknown.

i spend so much time there

i’m not sure why i’m worried.


my Next Now is created

in THIS now

i’m certain.


i’m certain that ONLY the UN is consistent.

the UN of the known

the UN of existence

the UN of UNheard of. UNseen & UNdone.

the UN

of my freedom

when i get stuck in my head.


the UN that i experience

when i get to sleep IN

the UN that is loud when the seasons are movIN’

the UN

that can be leaned on when NOthing else can.

the UN can be a dance partner-

allow it to lead.


the UN is forEVER

or perhaps just for now.

the UNknown can lead us

down the path of the wow.


the wow that we feel

in the moment of awe-ness

when we let go of the wheel


allow in the ALL-ness.


the UNknown and the ALL

can most certainly CO-exist

they are

after all

ingredients of bliss.


when the UN of the known

is leaned IN to—

the ALL of the ALLness can catch our fallz.


and we fall

we may fly


flight may bring falling


the dance with the UN can increase our chances

to Sing the Whole Song

of our expanding existence-


so when we land

on all four-ness

the UN as our trampoline

that bounces our ALL adventure

in to the Magic of you/me/us/we~


what the?


and this is the song that came in for your listening pleasure:


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