Podcasts. REboots & Intimacy.

hello readERs!!!


it seems that my writings

are transforming more and more

INto other things!


~group ‘work’ (tho it’s more play)

~sex & intimacy


so i want to share these things with YOU!


1) podcast w my friend Patricia!


on Spotify:



apple music:


and lots of other podcasting places!

just search for JuiceTown! 

JuiceTown Hosts!


2) Patreon landing pad!

Planet RE


THE place to learn to speak your own language 🙂

understand why your life IS as it IS


how to REarrange it for Better Alignment.

crack OPEN & expand your imagination so you actually BELIEVE

that anything is possible (cuz it is!).

3 levels of play/participation. LOTS of juicy happenings.



3) Sex & Intimacy Exploration for singles & couples~

co-facilitated w my man 🙂

what IF intimacy (or lack thereof) is the root cause of all of humanity’s problemos?

learn. practice. repeat.

*Intro -Zoom- Class- March 27th 3-5pm MT

$44~ Venmo @dee-bupp

curious? wanna join us? yeSSSSSS!

respond to this email with thoughts/questions

and/or to reserve your spot.

Are YOU Connected?


thanks for checking out my world!

i love that you are here <3

please join me/us if any of it feels like a YES!







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