Plant Magic

Tea / Plant o' The Month

These offerings are designed to support the many levels of who we are.

They are a wonderful addition to any spiritual practice AND complement all of my PowerTools.

They offer a well-rounded support system as you learn to change, shift and expand your energy 
and raise your frequency.

  • Teas O The Month $22
  • Elixirs/Flower Esssences $11+
  • Custom Teas $55
  • Custom Elixirs $22

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Essential Oil Support & Guidance

Essential Oils can be used to support ALL aspects of who you are and what you love to do.

Learn HOW to partner with them (the most potent part of the plant) to raise your frequency to levels beyond what you thought possible.

*HOW meaning: Bringing them INto the DAILY.

When you commit to consistently using high-quality oils, the results are truly astounding.


Need Personalized Essential Oil Support?

If you are a Young Living oiler and would LOVE to know what your 'spirit oils' are...

Discover oils for:

  • Your low times. Your high times AND daily maintenance.
  • Your Power Trio of oily support- cuz with SO many glorious oils to choose from, it's nice to know which oils choose US!


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